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ORF ZiB2 – VW emission scandal – 9/24/2015

Watch me in minute 3:12 claiming that car computers can be manipulated by manufacturers and car holders alike.

ORF ZiB2 Auto Hacking – 7/9/2015

Car hacking doesn’t pay off! Today, the Austrian news interviewed me on my work in automotive security. See my 50 cents starting 1:54.

Newspaper Articles

Magazine Date Title Significance
ATG, magazine 02/01/2015 “Muskelkater im Auto” ATG is Austria’s dominant magazine in the area of garages, gas stations, and shops. It edits 50.000 copies per month.
Die Presse, newspaper 01/09/2015 “Wie lässt sich ein Auto vor Manipulation schützen?” ‘Die Presse’ are Austria’s seventh largest printed newspaper in Austria editing 121.048 copies per day

online news

01/05/2015 “Vernetzte Autos vor Manipulation schützen” ‘’ is Austria’s most important online IT news portal. As a part of, it ranks #6 of all web sites in Austria according to Alexa.
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten 12/13/2014 “Wer hat am Computer gedreht? Uni vermutet gezielte Manipulation” ‘Oberösterreichische Nachrichten’ are the fifth largest printed newspaper in Austria editing 143.819 copies per day.
Österreich Journal 12/19/2014 “Hilfe, mein Auto wurde gehackt!” Österreich Journal is an Austrian online news site with 91181 access in December
Krone newspaper 12/10/2014 “Smartes Auto soll Manipulationen selbst erkennen” Krone is Austria’s largest newspaper. Its online portal ranks #20 in Austria.
iX online 12/9/2014 “TU Wien will Autos vor Hacking-Angriffen schützen” is Germany’s most important online IT news portal. Alexa ranks Heise Online as #31 in Germany.